Service Details

Our Enterprise Backup service offers multiple backup capabilities for servers including file/folder, disk/volume, entire machine, and system state), workstations, MSSQL server, Office 365 mailboxes, MS Exchange Server, MS Active Directory, Mobile devices, VMware ESXi (application aware VMware ESXi virtual machine backups too), Hyper-V, Virtuozz, websites, and more.

Restore options feature recovery to another machine in the same account, download of backed-up files and folders from the web console or download an ISO image of an entire machine for use with bootable USB

Concerned about data loss? Worry no more.

Servers crash. Malware makes the rounds. Theft happens. Hackers try to pry their way in.

Redundancy Built In

Our backup cluster is configured to suffer major potential failure without impact to data

High Performance

Our environment is built for maximum throughput and performance


Web based management tools and cluster access configured to be highly available

Monitoring and Healing

Our environment constantly monitors and self-heals in the event of a problem

Simple Management Interface

Manage your backups remotely via a painless web-based management portal

Infinitely Scalable

We capacity manage our storage cluster and ensure that it can scale to meet demand

Expert Support

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, expert levels of support. It is important to us that this aspect of our service is just as good as the service itself.

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