Enterprise Backup – Service Live

Today we launch our website and our Enterprise Backup service is considered fully live and in production.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in six months since beginning our testing and implementation, followed by a proof-of-concept (POC) and then a soft-launch during May 2019.

We have some work ongoing in the background to finalise automated user provisioning from this website and our automated billing platform, but the key functionality of being able to perform backup and restore is now fully in place, tested, checked, double-checked and signed off by our founder and CTO, Matthew Groves.

Our service features Acronis Software Defined Infrastructure under the covers, using our own planned, built and installed physical environment. We are focused on South Africa primarily, but already have customers from further North in the African continent.

The Enterprise Backup service offers a multitude of backup options and functionalities, in addition to an unrivalled level of resilience and redundancy. During our POC, we randomly turned off servers in our backup cluster, in the middle of the customer and our own backups and restores, and there was not a glitch. Our environment has been designed according to best practices and is fully monitored, managed and maintained by us.

Try Enterprise Backup today FREE for 30 days. Visit our signup page to request a trial account. We offer insurance for your critical data.