We provide enterprise backups for....

30-day free trial. Fully automated enterprise-grade backup service. Fail-proof redundancy and resilience built-in.

Backup - For Enterprises

We know this space - we've been backing up critical customer data since 2013


Data is encrypted and transmitted over secure channels and remains encrypted at rest


Our backup cluster configuration caters for multiple levels of failure without data loss


Chunked copies of your backed-up data are spread across the backup cluster

Enterprise Backup

Powerful servers, fast network connectivity

With our web-based backup management portal, you are completely in charge of your data backups and restores.

Install once, set-and-forget, manage online – you don’t even need access to the backup device after the backup agent has been installed.

Our service scales automatically to meet your requirements. There are no limits, no quotas, and we capacity manage our Enterprise Backup cluster to maintain a minimum percentage of storage availability.


Security is paramount

Account level security, secure transmission channels, encryption at rest and additional encryption options are available.

Our servers are highly secure, hardened, running on secure networks.

Trusted by hundreds of South African companies - since 2013